“Butterfly Wing Pendant 2 Necklace” by Shasta Brooks

"Butterfly Wing Pendant 2 Necklace" by Shasta Brooks

Black Hills turquoise, sterling silver, Kingman turquoise
5.25 x 3 x 0.5 cm

Lovely butterfly wing shaped natural Black Hills turquoise encased in a sawtooth bezel is surrounded with simply
shaped rustic textured sterling silver and adorned with a 5mm round Kingman turquoise accent. The Butterfly
Wing Pendant hangs on a sterling silver bead ball chain evoking modern desert pearls


“I prefer the ageless old pawn look of a fine silver patina over gold.  I choose cubic zirconia over diamonds – ethical to use, high impact, high quality, and wearable every single day. I use natural turquoise stones.  The lively teal and copper tinted variations of Kingman and Royston are my favorites.”







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