“Heart and Flower Charm Bracelet” by Kim Yubeta

Heart and Flower Charm bracelet by Kim Yubeta

Charms include: Rock Crystal beads, carved melon beads, faceted white jade beads, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl.

Natural gemstones are hand cut in different shapes. Bracelets has 4 strands with 5 different charms, sterling dragon fly, sterling hammered heart, sterling stamped heart, mother of pearl flower, moonstone flower

Total length 7" with 1 1/2" extension chain

One of a Kind Bracelet.


" There's a sense of wonder-and excitement when I begin a new piece; and, I want people who wear my work to feel it, too."







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About Kim Yubeta

Kim Yubeta began designing jewelry more than twenty years ago. Her grandfather, a Norwegian freighter captain, brought her exotic beads from around the world.

Family mementos and artifacts, as well as her own beads beckoned her to create her signature designs.

Today, her pieces combine antique and contemporary, tiny artifacts of different ethnic cultures and vibrant colors. Vestiges of history. semi-precious stones, beads and mementos become wearable art through the work of her hands.

What is Kim's hope for those who wear her jewelry? " I want to make people smile," she says. "I want them to be comfortable with my work. There's a sense of wonder and excitement when I begin a new piece and I want the people who wear my work to feel it too."

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