“Tamazight” by Bouchra Belghali

"Tamazight" by Bouchra Belghali

Oil on Canvas, size 24"x30"

Abstract Expressionism, Spontaneous application of brush strokes expressed in Tamazight language

of the " Free People" Amazight, the indigenous people of North Africa.



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About Bouchra Belghali

Bouchra is a Moroccan artist from the city of Marrakech. Living in Santa Fe New Mexico.

"I often paint without starting from a theme or from any particular source of inspiration.

I let my subconscious mind take control. At that moment the act of creating is without limits or barriers.

Each time you glance at my paintings or you look at it longer, you feel that it is pulling you in, to be part of it,

living it. My art is "alive", what I mean by that is that the colors, the brush strokes and the shapes have movements,

sounds and energy."

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