Astrology Chili Rose Eye glass Jewelry by Adonnah Langer

Astrology Chili Rose Eye glass Jewelry by Adonnah Langer

Size length 31" connects any eyeglasses.

Chili Rose Eye glass jewelry created with sequenced sections of Czech fire polish beads, Japanese seed beads, gem stones and sterling charm with Astrology symbol.

Adonnah has been an astrologer for more than 40 years. There are many systems and ideas about each astrological sign and what stones and colors evoke and support that sign. She works with the colors and stones that she becomes comfortable with and hope you find they stimulate that sign's energy, archetypes and quantities. Have fun, play with it and call in what you need to support your life and love

exclusively hand made by Adonnah Langer “ one of a kind” in Santa Fe, NM 



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About Adonnah Langer

Acclaimed artist, jewelry designer, author, therapist and journey guide.

"I was deeply involved in shamanic practices and Jungian therapy. My designs come from inner reflection."
Presently living in Santa Fe, NM and inspired by the resonance of the high desert, finding her way into writing, hand painting meditation bowls, Adonnah continues to love making unique jewelry for the many Chili Rose Beadz Collectors since 1989.

Chili Rose BEADZ was born of passion and an obsession with beads and love of the Southwest sensibility. Combining Cowgirl and Hollywood glamour, Adonnah created a modern style of beaded jewelry.

 "The art is in the relationship between color, texture, size and the finish of the beads". 

Chili Rose Meditation bowls.

Each bowl is a hand painted "One-of-a-kind" expression of the complexity of life, love and our spiritual journey. They reflect our perfect imperfections and how deep and complete we are. "I know when you touch the bowl you can feel the love it holds."
Certified by New Mexico Tourism Department"New Mexico true".

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